NATA Accredited Calibration Laboratories

When you choose a calibration service with NWI Calibration, you can be safe in the knowledge that strict guidelines and requirements are followed and met by us to ensure you receive the highest quality calibration services recognised internationally and in Australia.

An endorsed calibration certificate issued by NWI Group are accredited to ISO/IEC17025 by NATA.

NWI Calibration have been accredited since 1985 which demonstrates our long standing commitment to quality. As an Australian leading company in this industry, NWI Calibration service and repair the equipment of thousands of clients.

View our regional NATA lab capabilities below:

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is the way society recognises, determines and promotes the ability of organisations that perform specific types of technical and scientific activities. 

These activities can include measurement, testing, calibration and inspection and accreditation recognises an organisation’s compliance with relevant national and international standards.

Our Accreditations

NWI Group holds the following Accreditations.

NATA Accredited for Mass & Weighing, Volume, DC & Low Frequency Electrical Metrology, Time & Frequency Metrology, Pressure and Vacuum, and Temperature Metrology.

NMI Trade Measurement Servicing Licence for Weighing & Mass.

Why choose an ISO/IEC17025 provider?

ISO/IEC17025 is an internationally recognised standard relevant only to technical competence within laboratory environments.

Providers with an ISO/IEC17025 accreditation are regarded far more credible. An ISO/IEC17025 accreditation is a demonstration to the reliability of the laboratories measurement, testing and calibration services.

When businesses choose a NATA accredited supplier they can be sure that: 

  • Accredited specifications will be met 
  • There will be certainty and reliability in the supply chain
  • They can rely on the supplier’s technical competence and capability 
  • Like can be compared to like in a competitive market-place 
  • They are show-casing a quality-centric approach 
  • They will reduce the risk of failure and downtime 
  • Measurements and tests are accurate and have been carried out in compliance with best practice. 

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