Laboratory and Precision Weighing Calibration Services

At NWI Group, we are committed to providing exceptional laboratory balance calibration services that meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. Our team of highly skilled technicians has the expertise and experience to handle a wide range of laboratory and precision balances and deliver precise calibration results. With modern calibration laboratories country-wide and NATA accreditation, we ensure that your equipment performs at its peak, providing you with confidence in your measurements.

Our Calibration Scope

  1. Analytical Balances
  2. Precision Balances
  3. Microbalances
  4. Semi-Micro Balances
  5. Moisture Balances
  6. High-Capacity Balances

Where can I have my balance calibrated?

Onsite Calibrations

When it comes to laboratory balance calibration services, NWI Group always conducts the calibration process onsite at your facility. This approach is crucial due to the impact of environmental factors on the performance and calibration uncertainties of the instrument. Some of these factors include:

  1. The location of gravity acceleration
  2. Variations in environmental conditions including temperature, humidity atmospheric pressure (although these are normally air conditioned controlled for most laboratory balances)
  3. Mechanical and thermal conditions during transport if moved
  4. Vibration
  5. Draft
  6. Altitude and buoyancy

Why Choose NWI Group for your Laboratory or Precision Balance Calibration?

At NWI Group, we take laboratory calibration services accuracy and reliability seriously. We understand the importance of using calibrated weights that meet stringent standards to ensure the highest level of precision in our calibration processes.

When it comes to calibrating your laboratory balances or precision instruments, we only utilise weights that are calibrated to NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) or Reg 13 (Regulation 13) standards. These standards are recognised for their rigorous calibration procedures and traceability to national and international measurement standards.

Our commitment to quality calibration is evident in our selection of weights. We use weights that have been calibrated with a calibrated uncertainty at least four times better than the accuracy specified by the balance manufacturer. This means that the calibration of your weighing equipment is performed with weights that offer exceptional accuracy, surpassing the requirements set by industry standards.

NATA Accredited Temperature and Humidity Calibration Services

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