Torque and Force Calibration

Regular calibration tests are crucial for maintaining the accuracy of devices that measure force or mass, such as gauges, scales, balances, and weights. These tests are essential to ensure confidence in the reliability of your results.

When it comes to connecting components and tightening them to specific values, torque calibration becomes paramount. Neglecting torque wrenches and drivers during annual tool calibration is a common mistake, as they are often mistaken for regular socket wrenches or spanners. However, it is imperative to calibrate these tools as well to prevent issues like loosening, shearing, or damage.

Our Calibration Scope

At our calibration services, we offer comprehensive force, mass, and torque calibration for a wide range of devices. Our expertise extends to various equipment, including but not limited to:

  1. Force gauges
  2. Dial tension gauges
  3. Hanging scales
  4. Torque wrenches
  5. Torque drivers
  6. Torque Testers
  7. Torque analyzers
  8. Torque adapters
  9. Torque multipliers
  10. Cable crimping tools – gauge tests
  11. Cable crimping tools – sample tests (pull-off and resistance)

Why choose NWI Group?

We offer a comprehensive range of calibration services specifically designed to cater to a wide spectrum of torque requirements. Our expertise extends from calibrating delicate torque screwdrivers with a minimum torque capacity of 1cNm to handling large-scale torque wrenches capable of measuring up to an impressive 1000Nm.

When it comes to the accuracy and precision of our calibration processes, we leave no stone unturned. All our testing procedures take place in our modern laboratories, meticulously controlled to maintain a stable temperature environment. Our laboratory ensures a consistent temperature of 20℃, with a tolerance of ±2℃, in strict accordance with the internationally recognised standard ISO 6789.

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